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About Head Start Sports

Coaches Ryan Hoy and Krisha Caronongan

The Head Start Sports Youth Club is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a lifelong love of sport and physical activity for children in Windsor-Essex through programs providing high quality skill instruction and game play. We are now in our fifth year of operation and Head Coach Ryan Hoy and Assistant Coach Krisha Caronongan are excited to be providing even more programs this year!

We know that kids today love to play games, but a lot of those games are played on the computer or the latest video game system or even a cell phone. If you are looking for an opportunity to get your child into the gym or on the field for some real exercise, Head Start Sports has programs for you. If your child is already active, but is looking to take their game to a higher level, Head Start Sports can help make it happen. We are dedicated to giving elementary children a head start to becoming healthier and more active participants in a variety of sports and games!

Our "Learn to Play" and "Game Night" Programs

Head Start Sports is offering evening sports programs for children and youth ages 5 to 13 in Windsor, Tecumseh, LaSalle and the surrounding areas. Our "Learn to Play" programs will introduce children to a number of team sports including baseball, basketball, flag football, soccer, and volleyball. The focus of these programs will be to develop the necessary skills to enable children to play both lead-up games and their chosen sport as part of a team in a fun environment. The "Learn to Play" programs are essential building blocks to instilling confidence in young players that will one day lead to a life-long love of sport!

Head Start Sports will provide your child with grass-roots training methods from an experienced physical education teacher and coach. Your child will learn new skills while having a ton of fun in the process! Improvement is the name of our game!

Head Start Sports also offers "Game Night" programs for children with a solid skill base and understanding of the game who are looking to get right into the action! The focus of these programs is to develop teamwork and game strategies under the guidance of our experienced coaches in a friendly, but competitive house league setting. The "Game Night" programs feature a pre-game warm-up and strategy session followed by an official game.

To learn more details about these programs, click the Programs page!

Sports Camps

In addition to evening sports programs, Head Start Sports offers sports camps during the March Break and summer holidays. These camps will give your child a chance to experience what it would be like to have gym class all day long! What could be more fun than that? Check the Camps page for information on our day camps.

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